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  • - to create your own product
  • - to create your own videos
  • - an email list
  • - to pay for expensive hosting
  • - a website
  • - to do interviews
  • - to do reviews
  • - ANY previous experience

This is about as EASY as it gets!

All you need is a little bit of traffic and our
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Here's a little secret that most people WON'T share with you:

99% of the Internet marketers that you follow are LOSING money and doing affiliate marketing WRONG!

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Hi, my name is
Mike Thomas

I was also in your shoes a couple years ago.
I had no friggin’ clue how to make money online.
And I was struggling to figure out what really WORKED!

I tried a bunch of methods:

  • I built 750 Adsense websites and Google SLAPPED away my traffic didn't work!
  • I tried paid Facebook traffic and I didn't make a didn't work!
  • I wrote article after article for online didn't work!
  • I posted links on websites like Craigslist and they banned my didn't work
  • I tried buying cheap traffic from one place and sending it to pay-per-click landing pages and I lost $10,000 in one day... it DEFINITELY didn't work!

Finally in September, 2012 I started affiliate marketing. But man, did I do it the WRONG way.
I thought it was all about just throwing as much traffic as possible at an affiliate link and then the sales would just come ROLLING in.

I was wrong.

It wasn't until January of 2014 that I started to GET it.
I changed HOW I sent traffic to affiliate offers and I saw an IMMEDIATE increase in my income.

I was wrong.

It wasn't until January of 2014 that I started to GET it.
I changed HOW I sent traffic to affiliate offers and I saw an IMMEDIATE increase in my income.

My income kept going up as I used this NEW strategy (which I'll teach you inside) and I reached income levels that I previously had never thought possible

You see, when I first started out I had a goal of making $100 per day online.

I figured that if I could make $3,000 per month, that would be $36,000 per year, and enough to prove to my wife that this whole Internet marketing thing really worked.

Well, after struggling forever I finally succeeded, and I decided to take this knowledge and share it with others and make a profit at the same time.

I mean, I am running a business here, but I might as well help others like me and get paid in the process.

But after a while I noticed a BIG problem.

Most people starting out don't have the time to wait two years to be successful.

They need results NOW so that they can pay off their bills, get in financial shape, and really start building their online businesses.

They don't mind doing a LITTLE bit of work as long as the results are GUARANTEED.

And that's where my business partner

Brett Rutecky

comes in.

He is also an affiliate marketer just like me.

He makes most of his income simply promoting affiliate offers and he earns anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 per MONTH just from suggesting good software and courses to his audience.

But Brett has a SUPER power that I DON'T have.

He is an AMAZING software developer.

Pretty much anything you can think up HE can create.

And that's where things start to get interesting.

Brett came to me with an idea to make even MORE money from the traffic that we send to affiliate offers.

He was like "you'll do the same amount of work, but you can make up to DOUBLE the commissions that you're currently making".

It honestly sounded too good to be true, but having known Brett for a couple years now I knew that he was a straight shooter and not big on hype.

So I asked for proof.

And of course, I got it.

I was blown away.

I immediately started using the tool on my own promotions and saw INSTANT results.

It was like he had just given me the keys to a whole new business.

But of course i wanted to make sure that it wasn't just some mistake or error.

So Brett and I rigorously started testing our secret weapon on ALL our affiliate links.

And we got results like this.

And everyone that we gave it to came back to us with

Raving Reviews

So we figured we had a responsibility
to release this to the public.

Heck, if every affiliate who promoted our software and courses used our tool we would ALL make money, so it would be silly for us not to share this.

And now for a limited time only you can also have the tool that before today only elite six and seven figure marketers had access to.

Video Takeover
Is A Unique

that includes both
the software & training
to build your affiliate marketing business

So what does the

Video Takeover software do?


Add review videos and bonus videos to ANY page you’re promoting

(don’t have videos or bonuses? No problem…WE provide those FOR you)


Stream a LIVE Google Hangout on someone ELSE’S sales page

and answer questions thus BOOSTING sales


Add scarcity timers to your affiliate links

to almost FORCE people to buy through YOUR link


Cloud based software

that doesn’t require you to have your own website OR hosting… no hidden fees!


Retarget ANYONE who clicks on your affiliate link

on Facebook for even MORE commissions


“Legally” Hijack other people’s sales pages

and use them to make YOU affiliate commissions


Literally copy Brett’s campaign

that made him over $8,199.64 in 24 hours

Unfair Advantage

With Video Takeover you’ll have an UNFAIR advantage over all your competitors and can INSTANTLY start making more money!


With our AMAZING 24/7 support desk you’ll never be left on your own. Got a question, we’ve got the answer!


You’re not only getting the software, but you’re getting TRAINING on how to make money with it as well…from two 7-figure marketers!

And here’s a REAL case study
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with Video Takeover

Having Video Takeover Will Get You

Instant Results

You’ll see INSTANT results when you’re doing the SAME work but making MORE money with the software!

No Money Losing

You’ll no longer be wasting traffic and losing money by doing Internet marketing the wrong way!


You’ll have 100% confidence that you’re using the EXACT strategy that 7-figure marketers use day in and day out!

And as our special bonuses
you’ll also receive:
4 Professionally Developed Softwares that you can give away as bonuses in your promotions to SKYROCKET your commissions including:
Click Bar

Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar, with a clickable Buy Now button and countdown timer on any of your posts. It's the perfect software to give away as a bonus...or even sell to make money with!

FB Pixel Insert

This plugin allows people to quickly and easily add their Facebook retargeting pixel to every page / post in their Wordpress site.

Jack Jacker Gold

The gold version of Brett's super popular Jack Jacker plugin. This plugin allows you to 'jack' almost any website and put clickable links and banners over it.

Support Chat

Let's you quickly put an interactive live chat box on any Wordpress site.

You get everything for one low price:

including the software, training, bonuses,
workshops, and more!

  • Add your review / bonus video over other peoples sites
  • Put your LIVE Google hangout any website, even ones you don't own
  • Add video scarcity bars to your promotions
  • 4 done-for-you professional videos to put on other people’s sales pages (you don’t need to make ANY videos)
  • Built-in retargeting for cheap traffic
  • Click tracking analytics
  • Unlimited usage, no monthly fee
  • Cloud-based software (no need to host or download anything)… no hidden fees!
  • Free updates
  • Free training from 2 top affiliate marketers on how to get traffic and build a online business
  • 100% transparent case study on how Brett made $8,199.64 (he reveals EVERYTHING)
  • 4 Professionally developed Wordpress plugins to give away as bonuses


You are buying the Video Take Over software from a licensed reseller of this software and not directly from Brett or Mike
All technical support will still be done by Brett and Mike however and they will be more than glad to help you in your
business in any way they can.